Compass Lane Cloud Backup Solution for IBM I-Series

An offsite backup solution for your iSeries Data that can replace your daily tape backups, and protect your data should disaster strike.

How it Works

First, a small-footprint software library is installed on your Power i platform that takes care of all backup processes including files, objects, libraries and system files.

Files are backed up to a local NAS device, usually overnight, where they're available for extremely fast restore in the event of data loss or the need to revert to a prior file version. The solution creates a backup catalogue containing a list of all Libraries and Folders saved so that an entire library, or just individual objects may be restored as required.  Your backup data is then encrypted and replicated to a secure cloud environment for fail-safe off-site availability should the unthinkable happen.

We recommend that you continue to back up to tape on a quarterly basis (SAVSYS) or as and when a change is made to IBM system libraries to ensure your operating environment can always be restored quickly in an emergency.  Typically you would do a tape save prior to Cumulative PTF’s or OS upgrades.  But, you will not need to use tapes or operators for your daily/weekly backups.


  • Reduced administration and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Easily backup IBM System and user Libraries/folders/objects
  • No tapes to take offsite or rotate
  • Extremely fast backups and restores.
  • Heightened security.
  • Increased peace of mind.
  • Immune to Human Error
  • Eliminate Shipping Costs
  • Unaffected by tape hardware changes
  • Backup is fully managed and monitored by experts

Features Included

  • Regular recovery testing to guarantee protection.
  • Lightning-fast local restores, replicated off-site via the cloud.
  • Objects can be encrypted prior to moving to the Cloud.

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