IBM I-Series

Take advantage of IBM's high-performance, stable iSeries servers. The iSeries is highly scalable, which means you can start with the size that is right for your business now, and it can grow as your business does.

No matter the industry you are in, you face the same business challenge: increased competition in a dramatically changing market of world class customers and suppliers. This makes timely, accurate and consistent business information more important than ever before. Examine the state of the art technology PSA can offer your company.

Key Features

  • Securely back up your iSeries to the cloud with Cloud Backup Solution for IBM I-Series!
  • IBM iSeries RISC system units
  • Proven, stable operating system ensures very low down time
  • Leading edge technologies
  • Network connectivity
  • Wireless networks
  • IBM Credit Corp. financing
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • IBM Support Services
  • IBM Maintenance

Compass Lane can fill your requirements for all AS/400 and iSeries hardware and software.